The aim of Canada International is to awaken the pupils' awareness of their potential by helping them improve or increase their social-communicative English competence for our demanding globalized XXIst century. The former will be achieved by delivering high quality and creative lessons, in which the students will be motivated to participate in an active manner. In addition, there will always be a personalized stimuli, since it is well known that every single person learns in a different way; ergo, needs a different reinforcement. For all of this, Canada International is the best English School in Oviedo.


In Canada International, we know that the most challenging aspect when learning a language is speaking it fluently and correctly. For this, our classes are 100% in English, encouraging our students to do the same for their own sake.

Speaking a language correctly means that the person is able to express simple and complex ideas and opinions fluently, in a clear, effective and coherent manner; not to mention that the pronunciation has to have a touch of authenticity.

Having said this, the only way in which you will convey the message you want to, is by speaking every time you can, but also by having a strong and wide knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.

Therefore, we will give you constant feedback and encourage you to discover English yourself through reading, writing and listening.