Miss Ivonne Language Coordinator

I vonne Torres has had the privilege to live in several countries in Europe, Latin America, Canada, and the United States, where she was raised. Therefore, since a very early age, she was able to enjoy and embrace the many ways in which this cultural diversity was enriching and becoming part of her everyday life.

From her own experience, she realized that one of the key elements to really understand a culture is by mastering its language. For this reason, Ivonne has been teaching English, for almost two decades to more than 1000 students, globally. Her students remember her as a hardworking and caring English teacher, not to mention that she used to be one of the few IB English Examiners worldwide. Her teaching experience is notoriously breadth, she has taught English Literature Higher Level (High School), TOEFL, SAT, IELTS, KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE, Business English and Spanish for foreigners.

However, before embarking in the teaching venture, she held administrative positions in some international companies. In regards to her academic achievements, she holds a Bachelor´s Degree in Economics, an International Business Diploma, a Family Education Diploma, Instructor of English Language Degree, Teaching Knowledge Test (Cambridge) Certificate, Education Research Master´s Degree. In 2013, she opened Canada International School of English, which is a Cambridge Preparation and Registration Centre.

"A teacher is just a life coach, whose mission is to awaken his or her students' awareness that through knowledge they can achieve their goals and change the world"

Ivonne Bel

Online Teachers

Lily Hightower English Teacher

Lily was raised in a bilingual culture, therefore from a very young age she recognized the importance of knowing the language as a door opener for personal development and the opportunity to learn other cultures on a deeper level. Her curiosity regarding the former, quickly became her passion, helping her achieve a strong command of both, Spanish and English; not to mention the fact that she has also studied Japanese, German, and French, in which she is very keen on. During her high school years, she had the privilege to be part of an elite group of students that earned the International Baccalaureate English diploma. From this point, and due to her Math skills, she decided to study her Bachelor´s Degree in Finance, graduating with honors. Notwithstanding her young age, Lily has had the opportunity to experience the international financial world, since she did an internship at Investar Financial (USA). Furthermore, she has had the opportunity to teach an online Project Evaluation course to Business students. Lily currently lives and works in the United States, where she enjoys a multicultural working environment at Barcel USA, with presence in America, Europe and Asia.

María Ana Chavana English Teacher

María Ana is a renowned English Instructor and Examiner. For over a decade now, she has been teaching English as a foreign language; TOEFL and IELTS preparation. Furthermore, she has a wide experience on conversation courses, materials design, test design, placement test design, and personal tutorials for students pursuing postgraduate studies in Universities abroad, TOEFL ITP administrator, liaison with the International Institute of Education, member of the committee for the revision of the EFL graduation requirement at the School of Economics. Moreover, María Ana is an official translator and official interpreter English-Spanish / Spanish-English Appointed by the Supreme Court of Justice. Above and beyond of the previously mentioned, María Ana is one of the few worldwide Cambridge ESOL ORAL EXAMINERS for PET and FCE. In addition, María Ana is a former Academic Coordinator of Monterrey´s British Centre. In regards of her education, she has got a BA in Applied Linguistics in Translation, a Master´s Degree in English Language Teaching from The University of Nottingham, United Kingdom (UK). Currently, she is doing her PhD in Education at the University of York, UK.

Roberto Lisi Italian Teacher

Roberto antes de ser profesor de italiano, tuvo varios puestos administrativos en su natal Italia. Él fue colaborador en la oficina de conciliaciones de trabajo (CGIL) y fue responsable del curso a nivel regional de la normativa de pensiones del “Pubblico Impiego”, y también del programa de cálculo “Singpa - Sportello Pubblico Impiego”. Además, Roberto fue profesor de música, impartiendo clases de teclado y piano, tanto en Italia como en Iberoamérica. Roberto ha sido profesor de italiano en la academia reconocida por el gobierno italiano, Dante Alighieri; así como también, en las universidades más prestigiosas de Latinoamérica.

"The limits of my language means the limits of my world"

Ludwig Wittgenstein

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